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United Journal of Nephrology and Renal Diseases

  • Nephrology is a specialty of medicine and paediatrics that concerns itself with the kidneys. The study of normal kidney function and kidney problems, the preservation of kidney health and the treatment of kidney problems, from diet and medication to renal replacement therapy. Renal diseases are nothing but Kidney related diseases such as kidney failure: A condition in which the kidneys lose the ability to remove waste and balance fluids.

    United Journal of Nephrology and Renal Diseases is a peer reviewed, open access journal which aims is to pave a platform for scientists, researchers, clinicians and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of Nephrology and renal diseases. The journal publishes original research articles, case reports, review articles, manuscripts, clinical images, letter to the editors, short commentaries, editorials etc.,

Aims and Scope